How to Choose a Good Sunless Lotion

To avoid the harmful effects of UV rays when they make way into your skin, you need a sunless lotion. The market is flooded with several brands of the lotion, some of which are not as effective as they should be. To enjoy your summers without fear of getting pale or exposing your skin to dangerous UV light, get the correct sunless tanning lotion that will protect your skin. Below are guidelines on how to select the perfect sunless lotion. Learn more about sunless lotions, view website here. 

Considering your type of skin is the first step in the selection process. Your skin may be dark, fair or olive. You want something that will tan your skin and remove blemishes, sunburns and also early aging wrinkles caused by penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the skin. Dark-skinned individuals are less prone to sunburns so mild lotions should be used. Those with fair skin are more likely to be harmed by the rays hence need to use lotions with bronzer built in to avoid an orange look. Those with medium or olive skin tend to tan rather than burn, therefore, use lotion with less heat behind them. The lotion should blend in well with your skin type.

People purchase sunless lotions to achieve different results. If you are a novice self-tanner and want to achieve only a hint of color, choose a lotion with lower dihydroxyacetone concentration. This is the active ingredient in sunless lotion for tanning that gradually results in a sun-kissed glow as you use it daily. Some lotions are applied regularly while others need one application a day. Depending on the circumstances, select the one that will serve your need.

You need to careful go through the components used to manufacture the lotion. Some lotions are given extra flavor or aroma with ingredients that you are allergic to. Read the side effects carefully to know if you react with any of the elements in the lotion or not. Also, you need to read the instruction on how the lotion is used. Select sunless lotion that will not cause a reaction and one which is easy to use.

Sunless lotions are a tanning method of using the lotion to get an artificial tan on your skin. You need to avoid the lotions that will color your skin, say make it orange as in common cases of non-quality sunless tanners. Select the lotion that will give you a more natural look by properly exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. Ask for recommendations from people you know who are using a sunless lotion that is giving them the perfect look that you desire.

The internet can also help you identify the right brand when you narrow down your search. The brand you settle for should have a very good reputation in the market. With these guidelines, you will acquire the best sunless lotion.